21st Century Mag Lite

That Mag Light In Your Pocket-It’s So “Yesterday”.

A “must have” tool for any stage hand or AV tech is the AA Mag Lite.  This flashlight has long been the standard for a light you could carry in your pocket, drop without breaking and count on to work every time you pressed the switch.

The Silver Ghost from Blue Colt flashlights is the new standard for this style of flashlight.

LED Flashlight From GoodBuyGuys.com

Similar in size and profile to the AA Maglight, the Silver Ghost also has a machined aluminum case and is “pocket sized”.  That’s where the similarity ends.

The Silver Ghost from Blue Colt has a 100 lumen LED element from Cree that is rated to last a lifetime.  It uses standard alkaline batteries, but they last ten times as long as they last in a conventional incandescent light.

A rubber covered switch mounted in the end of the barrel glows in the dark, making it easy to find this light even in complete darkness.

It ships with a tough nylon belt holster and includes Duracell Procell batteries.

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